New Clogging Design Store on Zazzle


Hello! I’ve just set up this blog because I’ve started my own store on Zazzle, offering clog dance designs. I’ve been a part of Zazzle and CafePress for about a year now, mostly selling funny holiday designs. But I’ve decided to expand and make clogging designs because it’s always been one of my favorite hobbies (see the “About” section in the top left corner for more details). If you love clogging too or if you know a clogger, I hope you’ll find a design you like. I have eight available right now and am in the process of making more.

I’ll soon be posting all my designs on this blog. They’ll range from standard “I love clogging” designs to ones that are more artsy and humorous. If you’re interested in my shops, you can find all four links (two for Zazzle, two for CafePress) in the upper right-hand blog roll. Note: the Zazzle stores are always updated faster than the CafePress ones.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS: If you’re interested in seeing new funny shirts as I make them, check out my funny shirt WordPress blog.


About harymess

I'm a writer who's had short comedies, articles and poems published. I'm also a T-shirt/ graphic designer on Zazzle & CafePress. The picture is of my great-grandmother. She had very high hair.
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