Clog-Over-Vine Clogger Design

Getting my first sale on this in the brand-new Zazzle clog dance store made me realize I need to feature it here on the blog. As any clogger knows, the “clog-over-vine” is a common step in a lot of songs. I decided to visualize it with clogging shoes on a green vine. Here it is on some of the products:

Clogging / Clogger Shirt Design Clog-Over-Vine T-Shirt on Zazzle

Clogger / Clogging Design Clog-Over-Vine Button on Zazzle

Clogging / Clogger Dance Electronic Sleeve Clog-Over-Vine iPad Sleeve on Zazzle

Clogger / Clogging Design Clog-Over-Vine Postcard on Zazzle

It’s available on more items, and I now have nine different designs in the shop. You can check it out here: Zazzle Clog Dance Shop. Or, if you just want to shop for other designs on Zazzle, here’s a link to the main site. There are a lot of holiday sales happening now.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll showcase more soon.



About harymess

I'm a writer who's had short comedies, articles and poems published. I'm also a T-shirt/ graphic designer on Zazzle & CafePress. The picture is of my great-grandmother. She had very high hair.
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