“Keep Calm and Clog On” for Cloggers

“Keep Calm” designs are everywhere right now — so I decided to make one specifically for cloggers to add to my Zazzle store. Because the original poster was made during WWII, I made it vintage looking. On the t-shirts, bags and other items without a background image, the “Keep Calm and Clog On” text is made to look a little worn. And on the poster, buttons, magnets and phone cases, etc, I made a red paper-like texture that looks antique. I had a lot of fun making it look old! Here it is on a few items. You can check out the rest right here in its Clog Dance store section.

Clogging Cloggers Gift Picture Vintage Case

Clogging Cloggers Gift Keep Calm Picture

Clogging Clogger Vintage Gift Picture Image Design

Cloggers Clogging Pins Buttons Keep Calm ZazzleEDIT: I had a special request to make this design without the vintage-text look, so it would stand out more boldly on a t-shirt. So, if you would rather have it in bold, white text without the vintage, faded look, that option is now available, too! Here it is that way:

Clogger Clogging tee shirts on Zazzle

I hope you find a clogging design you like in the Clog Dance store. But if you can’t find one you want or it’s not available on the item you’re looking for, you can email me through the “Contact Seller” link located at the bottom of the store. Thanks for stopping by, and keep clogging.


Zazzle image


About harymess

I'm a writer who's had short comedies, articles and poems published. I'm also a T-shirt/ graphic designer on Zazzle & CafePress. The picture is of my great-grandmother. She had very high hair.
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