The Clog Dance Shop is Now on Twitter

If you want to keep up-to-date on new clogging t-shirt designs, I’ve made a Twitter account for my Zazzle Clog Dance Shop. It’s set to auto-deliver four designs a day (only four, so you don’t get tired of seeing the posts). I’m also stopping in there a few times a week to favorite/retweet others’ dance-related posts that I like. I’ll be showing more designs here soon, too — although I’m busy with holiday designs leading up to Christmas. Thanks for stopping by, and keep dancing.


The Clog Dance Shop

Clogging! Pinterest board


About harymess

I'm a writer who's had short comedies, articles and poems published. I'm also a T-shirt/ graphic designer on Zazzle & CafePress. The picture is of my great-grandmother. She had very high hair.
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