New Leggings for Cloggers

Zazzle is now selling leggings, so I made some for clog dancers. I think these would be fun to wear to workshops or classes. These leggings are made of cotton & spandex — and made in the USA. The design area runs down the outside of both legs. Because of that, I thought simple, bold text would work best. So, for the first design, I simply stacked the word “CLOGGER” vertically, to fill the design space. Here it is on black leggings with pink type:

Leggings / Tights for Cloggers

Pretty Pink Clogger Clog Dancer Leggings by ClogDance on Zazzle

I’ll have to make more of a variety in the future, but that probably won’t happen until after Christmas, since I’m so busy with other designs. You can customize these leggings however you’d like, though. Just click on the image above to go to the product page. From there, click the “Customize It” button. Select the “Clogger” text and change the color, then change the legging color, too.


Zazzle Clog Dance Shop

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I'm a writer who's had short comedies, articles and poems published. I'm also a T-shirt/ graphic designer on Zazzle & CafePress. The picture is of my great-grandmother. She had very high hair.
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